Local food isn’t just about the food, the desire to take on that commitment usually represents some deeper fulfillment for the farmer, market owner, and chef. So, while the food plays a role, the real question becomes what does this mean to you, personally. That’s the premise of the film as it follows a chef, market owner, and farmer.

The chef, John Stokes, owns Tarasque Cucina. The day-to-day menu of the restaurant is classic Italian/American staples such as spaghetti and meatballs, well prepared. However, in addition, John offers chef’s tastings featuring locally grown produce and meat in the small seating area of the restaurant.  In the film John explains how he came to appreciate locally sourced foods while living in Alaska.  John Martin is the co-owner of Chicory Market, a unique small grocery that incorporates local produce along with difficult to find specialty goods. A writer turned grocer, he offers his perspective on why it was important to keep the market alive and what compelled him to move back to Mississippi from New York City.  Matthew Britt is the owner of Clear Creek Produce. He is the descendant of farmers and is dedicated to bringing the best produce to market and continuing to do so by being commercially viable.  He grew up visiting his grandfather’s farm and after a period of time spent as a diesel mechanic returned to farming.

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