Remembering Elwood Higginbottom

Elwood Higginbottom (also spelled Higginbotham) was lynched in Oxford, Mississippi in 1935. He wife and children fled and the memory of his lynching faded from the local community. A sequence of events beginning with the publication of the Equal Justice Initiative’s Lynching in America Report brought his, and many other, lynchings back into public view. The Oxford-Lafayette community, along with Higginbottom descendants, placed a memorial to Elwood. This film tells some of the

Taming the Tarasque

TAMING THE TARASQUE Local food isn’t just about the food, the desire to take on that commitment usually represents some deeper fulfillment for the farmer, market owner, and chef. So, while the food plays a role, the real question becomes what does this mean to you, personally. That’s the premise of the film as it follows a chef, market owner, and farmer. The chef, John Stokes, owns Tarasque Cucina. The